version française du 23 novembre au 11 décembre 2011 Variations On Lightness

@rt Outsiders is an event focusing on new forms of contemporary art and how they relate to science and technology. This year we explore different artistic approaches to the idea of lightness..
Curated by Jean-Luc Soret


Kitsou Dubois - Perspectives, le temps de voir - 2011 © Loïc Parent / Vols paraboliques du CNES


Kitsou Dubois
Perspectives, le temps de voir

Installations. Video. Photography - 2011

A pioneer of weightless dance, Kitsou Dubois presents Perspectives, le temps de voir, a video, photographic and sound piece featuring dancers moving inside a world without gravity. Exploring the influence images can have on our cognitive faculties, this piece is a sensorial immersion during which our perceptions of space and time are altered.

Choreographer and dance researcher Kitsou Dubois experiments with alternative environments such as the walls of buildings, factories, water and weightlessness. In 1989 she obtained the ‘Villa Médicis outside the walls’ bursary for the time she spent at NASA in Houston, USA. From 1991 onwards, she worked with the Centre National d’Études Spatiales (CNES) on various programmes (training astronauts using dance techniques, studying movement in zero gravity, and art projects).
Since then she has pursued her relationship with scientific, academic and space organisations, experimenting with micro-gravity on parabolic flights with her team of dancers and acrobats. All these experiments are filmed and provide the artistic raw material for her projects. Her work results in a variety of different art forms: shows, video installations, in situ pieces and documentary films. Her latest parabolic flight (the nineteenth to date!) took place in March 2009 on the Airbus A300-ZERO-G. For the first time she was able to take 3D cameras on board.

Les photographies de Loïc Parent sont issues de la participation de la compagnie à la 75ème campagne de vols paraboliques du CNES. Le prototype de cette installation a été conçu au CCN de Montpellier et à Kawenga.

Production déléguée : Ki Productions
Coproduction : Maison Européenne de la Photographie / @rt Outsiders; Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier, Kawenga et ConnaiSciences (appel à projet « résidence de recherche en danse, art et science »)
Avec le soutien de L’Observatoire de l’Espace Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, Paris ; ArtFX Ecole d’effets spéciaux et d’animation 3D, Montpellier ; Mac Guff Line / Haïdouk ! Films / Jean-Jacques Benhamou
Remerciements à la Compagnie 14:20 et à l’Académie Fratellini.
Kitsou Dubois est directrice artistique de la compagnie Ki Productions, soutenue par le Conseil Régional d’Île de France.
Production - Diffusion : La Magnanerie




Monsieur Moo

Video installation - 2011

The video installation Paparuda by Monsieur Moo shows a public performance during which the artist triggered artificial rain. Taking place above a boreal forest on the Canada-US border, this artistic gesture refers to a geopolitical disagreement between the two countries on the subject of the ownership of clouds.

Monsieur Moo creates collisions between his world and that of other people, telescoping together social, urban, cinematographic and mythological codes. From these collisions arises a poetics of initiatory nonsense, diametrically opposed to any moral or dialectic intention. The oddities and dreamlike qualities of his work present viewers with an outrageous, absurd and fantastic reflection of their daily lives.
Born in 1981, Maxime Berthou (alias Monsieur Moo) lives and works in Perpignan. He has been performing and exhibiting his work in France and abroad since 2005. He has been awarded several prizes (CNRS-OPH 2010, Mécènes du Sud 2008…) and this year has been artist-in-residence at the Maison Numérique, Aix-en-Provence.




Kazuhiko Hachiya
OpenSky 2.0 - 2010

Wednesday 23 November 2011 - 17:00 / MEP Coffee Shop
Presentation of art project by Anne-Marie Morice, in the presence of the artist and in partnership with Synesthésie.

OpenSky 2.0, by Japanese artist Kazuhiko Hachiya, consists of an individual flying object. An inventor and visionary, Kazuhiko Hachiya has developed a playfully poetic experimental work that draws its inspiration from the mangas so popular among people of his generation.




6 x 6 / 36 - Déplacement / Mobility
With Annie Abrahams, Beatriz da Costa, Nicolas Frespech, Antti Laitinen, Albertine Meunier and Servovalve.

Project by the NUNC Collective :
Clarisse Bardiot, Annick Bureaud, Jean-Luc Soret et Cyril Thomas.
Le projet 6 x 6 / 36 a reçu le soutien de l'Institut Français – Ministère des Affaires étrangères et de la Maison Européennes de la Photographie.
Editions Subjectile - Price : 9.50 €

6 x 6 / 36 is the first of a series of 6 themed notebooks, each presenting the work of six artists. 6 x 6 / 36 is both a catalogue and a pocket do-it-yourself exhibition featuring artworks visible on your smartphone. To see them, you just scan the 2D barcode stickers in the notebook. To share the works with friends or display them more widely, you’re invited to produce your own public show by sticking the 2D barcodes on the wall at home or in public or private spaces.

On sale at the MEP bookshop

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